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The South Carolina Independent Lacrosse League (SCILL) was first created in 2010. It was born from the SC Lacrosse League (SCLL) which was the first High School Lacrosse Lacrosse League in the state of South Carolina. The SCLL and now SCILL has been assisting schools, lacrosse clubs, and recreation departments in joining together to create a fun, competitive environment for developing programs since 2001.


We are here to assist teams. We help programs get started, participate, and eventually develop into fully sanctioned members of the SCHSA or the GAHSA.


The SCILL is here right now for your transformation. From player and parent interest, to club formation, to years of play in the SCILL, we are here for you. Some of our first members were Hilton Head, Greenville, Socastee, Heathwood Hall, and Myrtle Beach. Later Wando High School Club and Bishop England joined as they began their transformation. When first getting started many schools decide that the SCILL is the place to start!  [More on our History]


The SCILL of Now:

When it comes to Boys and Girls Varsity Lacrosse programs we have a simple goal. We organize safe, organized play for teams that want to compete. The SCILL conducts Varsity and Junior Varsity leagues for High School boys and girls teams. [To learn more about Varsity and JV Offerings click here]

Each team plays two games within their divisions and then fills the remaining games with teams from the other division.

Divisional Champions meet at the season final game to determine the SCILL State Champion. To see current Divisions and game scheduling rules [Click Here]


Our Mission:

To organize, develop, and promote boys and girls lacrosse in the state of South Carolina, and to honor the game by instilling the values of scholastic achievement, sportsmanship, and individual development.


Our Vision:

The SCILL is here to be the incubator for developing Boys and Girl High School teams.


How to Join? [Click Here]