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Set up Instructions with, the SCILL officiating organization, will be using Arbiter for online referee assigning.

We will need you to sign in, register, and enter your initial schedule by the January Deadline

[More info on SCLOA Season Deadlines].


How do I set up an Arbiter account for SCILL?

How do I sign in?

What should I do first?

How do I set up our Home Games in Arbiter?

Where can I get further help?

What amount and how do we pay the Referees?

Where can I find the SCLOA W-9's for this season?

How do I set up an Arbitor account for SCILL

When registering use the leagues Group ID Number: 105632

Once you have created a user name and password, named your team and defined your home field name and location, your team will be assigned a seven digit Team #1234567. You will also be required to send a check to the SCLOA for the set up fees. [See mailing Instructions]

How do I sign in?

To sign into ArbiterSports:

  • Go to and enter the sign in information provided below into the entry fields at the top right of the page.

  • Enter your sign in information as listed below:

-  User Name: xxxxx

-  Password:   xxxxx


NOTE: The first time you sign-in you must accept the Terms and Conditions, as well as change your password.

What should I do first?

Once you are signed in the system, you may want to do the following:

-  Update your personal information.   Update your personal information on the Profile tab.  Only you are allowed to make changes to it, so please keep it up to date.

-  Click on the Schedule tab to view games for each of your teams, sites, or bill-tos.

How do I set up our Home Games in Arbitor?

To see instructions please [Click Here] for detailed instructions.


Where can I get further help?

If you need further assistance, please email your Regional Assignor.

To find the email address of your regional assignor. [Click Here]


What amount and how do we pay the Referees?

Games are $65 per ref - 2 refs required plus $0.45 per mile over 50 miles.

Make check payable to ref at game.

To find the name and cell numbers to text your refs about last minute cancellations or changes, please log into Arbitor.