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League Requirements:

  1. All players and coaches are required to be US Lacrosse Members.
  2. Membership is verified via the US Lacrosse website prior to the seasons first game. All final Rosters are verified as well.
  3. League Rules [Click Here]



  1. Please by Check and Mail in per the Registration Instructions.

Att: Robert Hagood, Commissioner

SCILL - South Carolina Independent Lacrosse League

P.O. Box 20040

Charleston, SC 29413

  1. Email Invoices will be sent at the end of each month.


League Registration Process:

  1. Review the Season's Registration Deadline page to make sure that you can meet the timelines for preparation.
  2. Attend the Season Coaches meeting in early December. Get on our mailing list for notifications. [Click Here]
  3. If you did not attend please contact the commissioner for late set up instructions.
  4. Register your team through this website [Click Here
  5. Pay applicable fees. For Details to the SC Lacrosse Officials Association fees and requirements [Click Here for Instructions].
  6. Create ArbiterSports Account [Click Here for Instructions]
  7. Set your team up through Lax Power [Click Here for Instructions].
  8. US Lacrosse Membership Roster Validation - Pre season and Final Rosters [Click Here for Instructions].