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Set up Instructions:

To begin to set up your Lax Power Account please contact George Baldassare: 

Once you have corresponded with George, and have a team page in the SCILL, please read the below instructions for the final steps:

Dear Coach,

It's that time of the year again, and the new season is fast approaching. LaxPower is requesting that you send in your schedule. If it is incomplete, send us what you have now; the balance can come later. It is critical for in-season online score reporting that we have your schedule available in advance of the start of the season. 

To enter your schedule , please use the “Report Scores & Edit/Add Games” tab on your team page. There is no need to enter games that already appear; just add any missing games. If you have more than 18 games, use the link a second time. Please be sure you click the hyperlink above to take to you to your team page. We strongly prefer that you use this method to submit your schedule. 

You can also use the team page link to update and revise your schedule (e.g., add/delete games or change dates) and to report scores going forward. In addition, you can update coaching and contact information from the hyperlink adjacent to the current coach for your team. 

For schedule submissions, although online entry is highly preferred, we can accept Word and Excel documents as well as content pasted into an e-mail. We also can use links to your schedule if it is posted on online; just send the specific URL for your team's schedule. 

Remember that we require at a minimum the opponent, location, and date of each game on your schedule. 

Thanks in advance for your help, and good luck this season.

George Baldassare 
Director HS Boys' Lacrosse